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How do you plan an island destination wedding?

Most people nowadays want to plan something different for their wedding other than the usual stuff that weddings are made of. One such way that is increasingly gaining in popularity is Island Destination Weddings. Island destination weddings can be great fun for those who wish to stay away from all the fuss that a wedding at home is sure to create. Planning an island wedding is real easy as most resorts on the popular island destinations now take care of all the details of a wedding. All you have to do is show up! The Bahamas boasts many resorts that can plan a great wedding for you in less than 24 hours! Even the Caribbean Islands are a popular place for island destination weddings. While most of the wedding planning details can be taken care of by your resort manager, there are some things that you should keep in mind while planning an island destination wedding. These are: Ensure that the wedding in your chosen country will be deemed valid in your home country. Be aware of all the local requirements for a wedding such as licenses, blood tests etc. Find out if there is a minimum residency period before the wedding can take place. Make sure that all the necessary paperwork from your place of worship is at hand if you wish to have a religious ceremony at your island destination wedding. See that all legal requirements such as visas, foreign exchange etc is taken care of for you and the rest of the wedding party. Speak with the resort manager and try to find out what weddings they have planned for foreigners in the past and their relative experience in planning island destination weddings. One thing to remember is that no matter how early you start to plan your island destination wedding, it will not be possible to have all your family and friends with you as not everyone may be able to take time off for the wedding. If you decide to have your island destination wedding in the open, then please remember to have a back-up plan ready in case it rains on the big day!

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